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Home Staging is your ultimate marketing tool.
Staging creates immediate buyer interest. Over 85% of buyers start their search on the Internet before they even pick up the phone and call you. They start with price and keep clicking on homes until a compelling photo grabs them…that listing makes it to the “must see” list. Your listings must look clean, clutter-free and rooms must look attractive for your photos to grab their attention. Don’t be a click away to history . . . stage today with Town & Country Home Staging, LLC.

What two things sell houses in any market???
PRESENTATION and PRICE — you handle the pricing, that’s an arena we never enter into, and leave the presentation to us. Curb appeal created by Town & Country Home Staging, LLC will get them into the front door and upon entering we’re certain they will want to see more. They’ll get that look — you know the sparkle — the "this is it" look. Your listing will be the one most remembered at the end of the day.
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  Every listing is a financial investment to you and the seller.
With the current market trends and ever changing marketplace, you can benefit greatly by having us on your team. Our goal as your "Teammate" is to help your listings sell faster and for more money by maximizing their marketability with our expertise and cost-effective solutions.

Staging protects your listing investment by providing you with a product that is ready to be marketed. Don’t you have a tendency to always show the listing you know looks great?

Staged homes sell faster and for more money.
The National Association of Realtors agrees and has stated that staged homes sell 50% faster and for more money than non-staged homes! Statistics show average price increases of 6.9% to 10%. Higher selling price…greater commission for you and more profit for the seller! Think about this . . . the investment in staging is less than the first price reduction…typically that reduction is $10k which would affect your commission anywhere from $300 - $600 . . . an expired listing . . . would affect you by thousands.

Staging cuts market time and costs.
Less money is spent on ads and marketing materials when a home is properly staged. Agents who pay for advertising themselves have opted for investing that money into staging. Town & Country Home Staging, LLC has been a success for them. Their listings are selling, they’re making more money and the sellers are extremely happy with the increase in equity!

Grow your business, Secure more listings, and Distinguish yourself apart from other agents.
By offering a “complimentary” Staging Consultation as part of your listing presentation will give you and your seller the competitive edge. Make it part of your “professional policy” to have your listings staged by Town & Country Home Staging, LLC. Together, with appropriate pricing, they will outshine the competition and surely gain you more showings. Failure to mention the benefits of staging may make your clients wonder why, and possibly opt for the agent who did!

Don't risk offending sellers.
We know just how delicate the agent/seller relationship can be…as an objective third party consultant Town & Country Home Staging, LLC reviews the property through the buyer’s eyes and can tell the seller what they need to change to maximize the potential of the house. We are aware that some agents do not make any staging suggestions because they do not want to risk offending a seller by broaching touchy topics but rather spend their time cultivating their relationships further.

Have no fear . . . as staging professionals with extensive design, real estate and marketing experience, we have the confidence to tactfully convey the turn-offs and eyesores that could drive buyers away. We have the knowledge, tack and sensitivity needed to deal with such delicate issues.

Think you can do this?
Yes, we are certain you can clear a counter or empty a room…it’s the revised presentation of the space that’s a challenge. Most productive agents don’t have the extra time to deal with all the aspects of professional staging and would rather do what they do best….list and sell houses. It’s those savvy agents that rely upon Town & Country Home Staging, LLC for all their staging needs. They take comfort knowing we understand the market, have what it takes to get the house sold and are fully insured. Give us your listing and you’ll see the results!!!

We offer Realtors who work exclusively with us:
  • Preferred Programs
  • Priority Schedules
  • Marketing Materials
  • Client/Seller Referrals
Need more info?
We will be more than happy to discuss the rewards of working with Town & Country Home Staging, LLC . . . simply call 908.577.0824 or 732.995.2740.


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