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What is home staging?
Professional home staging is an art. Based on principles of design, it is the process of preparing a home for sale using proven techniques that generates immediate buyer interest. A professionally staged home will stand out from the competition resulting in a faster sale and a higher selling price compared to non-staged homes. Home Staging is a proven marketing tool used to broaden the appeal of prospective buyers and maximize the potential of a home. When done correctly, the lasting impressions will capture the buyer. Home staging works on all houses . . . in all markets . . . regardless of size, price or location.

Who should stage their home?
Every seller should make the investment in staging. Your home is your largest asset that deserves special attention when it’s time to put it up for sale. Wouldn’t you wash your car and clean out the trunk if you were to put it up for sale? Placing your home on the market prematurely can cost a seller thousands of dollars in equity. For those sellers attempting to sell on your own . . . your listings have limited exposure and would profit greatly by being in showcase condition through staging.
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  Why should I bother to stage my house?
With current market conditions and the increase in inventory, it is imperative for every house to be in showcase condition. Over 85% of buyers start their home search on the Internet before contacting a Realtor. Your photos should grab the attention of a buyer by showcasing a house that is clean, clutter-free and attractive to the eye. Photos of a vacant home are just that . . . a blank canvas where only 10% of buyers can visualize themselves living in the space. Why loose equity and the other 90% of buyers? Stage your home today.

Can’t I stage my home myself?
It is difficult for a seller to view their home objectively. You have become accustomed to the way it looks and emotionally it is difficult to make any changes. Town & Country Home Staging, LLC has the expertise to objectively view the home and highlight the architectural attributes while minimizing the flaws inside and out. We specialize in turning "ordinary" spaces into "Extraordinary" spaces that buyers can relate to personally and make them want to stay.

What if I need repairs?
An experienced staging company such as Town & Country Home Staging, LLC can alert you to cosmetic items that need to be addressed even before the Realtor arrives. Such items will be prioritized for the greatest return. We have a cache of "drop what they’re doing" craftsmen who are fully insured to give estimates and expedite the work.

When should I stage my home?
Preferably, you should stage your home before anyone views it, especially the Realtor! Realtors should view your home as "market-ready," not a home in need of "work" which will influence the list price and their marketing strategy. Your home should be well-organized and in pristine condition prior to the Broker Open House Tour. The first impressions perceived by these agents touring your home are critical and will determine future showings by them.

Why should I choose Town & Country Home Staging, LLC for my home staging and redesign needs?
Our experience affords us the knowledge and expertise to understand market trends and what motivates a buyer to purchase one property over another. We have extensive backgrounds in Interior Design, Marketing, Visual Merchandising and Real Estate with specialized training in the area of home staging and redesign. We are well established within the industry with years of staging projects behind us. We have a vast inventory of home furnishings, artwork, home décor, silks and greenery. We know houses and what each individual home needs to help it sell successfully. We are reasonably priced, extensively educated, certified and fully insured. References and samples of our work are always available

How do I get started?
Simply calling. . . 908.577.0824 or 732.995.2740.

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